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Our mission is to help yoU achieve your financial goals by developing Unique, sophisticated financial growth strategies through our comprehensive, relationship-oriented services.

Purpetual For Individuals and Families

At Purpetual Wealth Management, we are all about private wealth management for select individuals. Your financial plan needs to be as Unique and individualized as you are. At Purpetual, we are committed to getting to know yoU, and your strategy is always developed with yoU in Mind.

We provide our clients with an entire Universe of financial services, including personal wealth management, customized financial planning, tax reduction strategies, trust and estate planning, retirement planning, and all points in between. We custom-build a Unique plan for every single client, designed specifically for their individual path.

Purpetual For Business Owners

We have specialized experience in helping business owners like entrepreneurs, physicians, CPAs, attorneys, land owners/farmers, and more with tax-advantaged wealth management strategies.

We can help you find strategies to make the most of your own retirement, as well as help you attract, reward and retain key employees.

Take Control of Your Wealth

and make informed, confident financial decisions.

Core Values of Purpetual Wealth Management

Our core values of wisdom, candor & stewardship are timeless. They have endured through time and will continue to endure as the foundation of all that we are built upon.



We leverage years of experience to create personal care around thoughtful wealth management. Count on us for plain spoken and prudent ideas needed to safeguard your wealth. Our independence allows us to engage trusted experts to bring added strength to your plan.



We place high priority on transparency, directness, honesty and openness at all times. Both with ourselves, and with our clients. We aren’t afraid to ask the difficult questions and deal with the answers. Candid, honest conversations are the foundation of our relationship with you.



We honor the trust you place in us, conducting your business with integrity, discretion and sophistication. We are servant leaders helping you to have clarity and confidence. Acting in our clients’ best interests is our moral imperative, regardless of the implications for our firm.

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Purpetual Wealth Management Resources

We are dedicated to supporting the local community with ongoing education about financial issues critical to their financial wellbeing and success. Located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, just north of Louisville, Kentucky, Purpetual Wealth Management serves the people of Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky by providing free educational events and materials to the public. Take some time to explore a few of the resources we provide.



We hold workshops and seminars designed to help people understand Social Security, retirement risks, how to optimize your 401(k) and many other issues.



Videos, News

Learn about retirement, Social Security, how to structure your portfolio for income, and how to plan for the future using a very important four-letter word: MATH.

Videos, News


Whitepapers, Reports

We have dozens of free reports available for download that can help you understand the many financial issues and strategies you can take to master your money.

Whitepapers, Reports


Blog, Quarterly Summaries

We provide articles that inform your lifestyle, as well as quarterly summaries of the leading economic indicators and financial outlook of markets internationally.

Blog, Quarterly Summaries