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Fred Brockman

employee retention program

(812) 630-5722

Fred Brockman is licensed to work with clients in Indiana and Kentucky and specializes in employee and management retention. At Purpetual Wealth Management, he focuses on helping companies, hospitals and universities reward and retain their key employees.

Having owned a business prior to working at Purpetual Wealth, Fred has a complete understanding of how important it is to retain employees as part of maintaining a successful business. The preparation and support that goes into training employees is both time consuming and costly, which is why it is imperative to be coached on how to keep the employees you have.

“Our retention program is second to none. We have a winning strategy aimed at increasing both employee retention and the value of your company that costs the employer little to nothing out of pocket,” says Fred.

In his free time, Fred enjoys spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. His hobbies include biking, traveling, playing sports, and anything that involves his family. He is also very active within several community organizations including St. Joseph Catholic Church, Dubois County Right to Life, Knights of Columbus and American Legion.